The RAKsmart User FAQs includes answers to many frequently asked questions as well as links to valuable information you may find useful while utilizing our services. Please note that many of the links provided in this FAQ are not directly hosted by RAKSmart.
Table of Contents:
  • How Do I Contact You If I Need Something?
  • When Am I Invoiced for Services?
  • What If There Is A Hardware Problem?
  • What is the RAKsmart Network?
  • How Much Bandwidth Can I Use?
  • Flex95 Burstable Bandwidth
  • Server Platform Configuration
  • Can I Get Additional IP Addresses?
  • How Do I Maintain the Reverse DNS for My IP Address?
  • Can I Get Additional RAM?
  • Can I Get Larger or Additional Hard Drives?
  • Power Cycling Your Server
  • Reinstalling the OS
  • Serial Console Access Over SSH
  • Forgotten Passwords
  • RAKsmart Knowledge Base
  • How Do I Order Additional IP Address
  • Integration & Partnership with Cloudgoing

  • How Do I Contact You If I Need Something?
    If you have a support question and are a current customer you may open a support ticket
    For other questions you may contact us at any of the following:
    a) billing [at] - Any billing questions
    b) support [at] - Support inquiries
    c) sales [at] - Sales or general inquiries
    d) abuse [at] - Abuse complaints and DMCA

    When Am I Invoiced for Services?
    Your first invoice will include charges for the first month of service (prorated if service did not commence on the first of the month) as well as the next full month of service. From that point on services are billed for monthly in advance of each service period (ie. hosting charges for February would be presented on the January invoice).
    Payment for new accounts is required within one hour of server provisioning. Once payment is received access to the new services will be granted.
    Existing accounts for which new services are ordered will be sent an invoice after the order is placed. Payment for those new services is due upon receipt and will be billed for immediately.
    Payment of regular monthly invoices (those that are auto-generated on the 1st of each month) is due on or before the 20th of each month. If you have elected to pay by credit card then your credit card will be automatically charged on the 20th of the month. We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. We also accept PayPal Instant Payments (Verified Accounts Only).
    Please contact billing [at] with any billing questions.

    What If There Is A Hardware Problem?
    If you experience a hardware failure on your server please open a ticket to notify our staff of the failure. Your existing hardware will be repaired or replaced at no cost.
    If a primary component of your server fails, your existing drives will be moved to another server at no cost.

    What is the RAKsmart Network?
    Our network infrastructure is a simplified two-tier design based on routers and switches all from the best-in-class equipments. At the core of our network we have multiple routers all employing BGP routing protocols. Each core router consists of dual MSM management modules (in active-active mode) providing both improved routing speeds and resiliency.
    Every customer attached switch is multi-homed to our core routers. This provides fault-tolerance and redundant network paths in the case of connectivity loss to a core router.
    RAKsmart servers are located at HE Data Center in Fremont, and Coresite Data Center in San Jose, California.

    How Much Bandwidth Can I Use?
    All of our servers are connected via 100 Mbit ethernet and include a full 100 Mbps of ingress (incoming) bandwidth. Your egress (outgoing) traffic is limited to your specific plan.
    Currently we offer various bandwidth choices applicable to egress traffic. The bandwidth options are for guaranteed (ie. not shared) bandwidth. This means if you opt for the 50 Mbps plan you are free to push a full 50 Mbps whenever and for however long you need.
    The chart below shows the maximum transfer available on each plan based on a 330 Gigabytes of transfer per Megabit per month.






     10 Mbps


     3.3 TB


    33.0 TB

     50 Mbps


    16.5 TB


    33.0 TB

    100 Mbps


    33.0 TB


    33.0 TB


    Flex95 Burstable Bandwidth
    In addition to our standard 10/100, 50/100, 100/100 service offerings we do offer a Flex95 Port Upgrade option. Flex95 will open up your outgoing port speed to a full 100 Mbps with a valve subject to your 95th percentile.
    If at any point during the month your 95th percentile exceeds your plan limit (ie. 50 Mbps on the 50/100 plan) your port is valved back to your plan limit. Once your 95th percentile drops back below your plan limit, your port is uncapped and fully burstable to 100 Mbps again. This offers a viable alternative to metered burstable bandwidth without the worry of ever incurring any kind of bandwidth overage charges. Wikipedia has a good write-up on 95th percentile billing here.
    One of the major drawbacks to metered billing vs. fixed billing is that you have the potential for monthly bandwidth overage charges. Our Flex95 billing methodology does away with all such overage charges and returns you to a predictable flat rate billing. For those interested, here are the actual mechanics of Flex95 by way of example. We'll assume you're using the 10 Mbps plan in this example.
    Every five minutes we calculate the amount of transfer you did for the previous 5 minutes. We calculate only based on your outgoing bandwidth; the incoming bandwidth is free. We take that number and convert it to an average bandwidth rate. For instance, if you transferred 735 Megabytes of data in the five minute period, we would calculate that as 19.6 Megabits/sec.
    As the month progresses we collect more and more samples (one every five minutes). Every five minutes we look to see how many samples are above 10 Mbps and how many are below. We take the top 5% of samples and throw them out (ie. if you had 1000 samples, we would throw out the top 50 samples). The highest remaining sample is your 95th percentile point.
    If your 95th percentile point is below 10 Mbps then your port stays burstable to 100 Mbps. If the 95th percentile point is not below 10 Mbps then we cap your port at 10 Mbps. We continue to sample every five minutes. If your port is capped then once your 95th percentile point drops back below 10 Mbps we uncap your port and you're opened back up to 100 Mbps again. Additionally, we will not cap your port if you have less than 96 samples (8 hours) above 10 Mbps, regardless of what your 95th percentile point is at. This is to ensure you get adequate burst time no matter what. We reset the statistics on the first of every month and all capped ports at that time are uncapped.
    The Flex95 Port Upgrade is available on the 10/100 and 50/100 plans and is billed at a rate of $20/month.

    Server Platform Configuration
    There are several hardware configurations available. At times there may be some specific configurations that are out of stock and not available for on-demand provisioning. The different options are all presented on the server provisioning page.
    If you are ordering a server and your specific configuration is out of stock we recommend that you order a server of the same type and then immediately open a ticket and request that the hardware configuration be changed to match what you're looking for. We recommend that you do not use the server until the configuration change has been done as some configuration changes entail reinstalling the operating system.

    Can I Get Additional IP Addresses?
    Yes. Your server comes preconfigured with a single usable IP address. When provisioning your server you have the option to order the server with 5 usable IP addresses (/29 netblock), 13 usable IP addresses (/28 netblock), 29 usable IP addresses (/27 netblock), 61 usable IP addresses (/26 netblock).
    You may order additional IPs at any time from the "Status" tab as well. Additional IPs may be ordered one at a time or in blocks of 4 IPs (/30 netblock), 8 IPs (/29 netblock), 16 IPs (/28 netblock), or 64 IPs (/26 netblock). The cost for additional IP addresses is $1.2/month per IP. This interface also allows you to request additional IPs from different subnets.
    At any time you may request the removal of any IP addresses that you ordered after your server had been provisioned (those IPs that are not part of the original netblock). If you ordered a contiguous block of IPs (/30 netblock or greater) the entire block must be removed at once.

    How Do I Maintain the Reverse DNS for My IP Address?
    Open a ticket

    Can I Get Additional RAM?
    The rate plans are listed in the configuration tabs, in the shopping cart.

    Can I Get Larger or Additional Hard Drives?
    Yes. The rate plans are listed in the configuration tabs, in the shopping cart.

    Power Cycling Your Server
    Self service under client area

    Reinstalling the OS
    Self service under client area

    Serial Console Access Over SSH
    Open a ticket

    Forgotten Passwords
    Please contact support through ticket for your Password Reset request.

    RAKsmart Knowledge Base
    RAKsmart has compiled lots of useful tips, and reference information in our Knowledge Base (login to RAKsmart customer portal required).
    Please review our extensive Knowledge Base before you contact RAKsmart support team.

    How Do I Order Additional IP Address
    Additional IP addresses can be ordered at here. Please provide justification server name in the order.

    Integration & Partnership with Cloudgoing
    RAKsmart has developed strong partnerships with many leading companies in the industry.
    One of the examples is our strong partnership with Cloudgoing Inc. & Through our joint efforts, we have developed deep integrations with IDCSystem (from Cloudgoing Inc.) which allows our joint customers to perform Place Order, Power On, Power Of, Soft Reboot, Hard Reboot, Inquire Invoices functions on RAKsmart services through IDCSystem control panel. Such integrations allow our customers to manage their large numbers of RAKsmart services easily.
    RAKsmart forum in allow us to stay in close contacts with RAKsmart customers. The strong technical service team from RAKsmart, Cloudgoing and will provide excellent technical support to the RAKsmart customers.
    More in-depth integration module capability, and user instruction manual is available in